Hot Processed Virgin Coconut Oil (Urukku Velichenna / Ventha Velichenna)


Organic Hand Made Hot Processed Virgin Coconut Oil , an age old health and beauty recipe preserving all the essential nutrients of coconut is as pure as mothers milk, prepared from the milk of matured organically grown coconuts, in traditional Kerala’s brass vessel. Unlike cold pressed oils, these heat treated oil preserves more phenolic content which imparts strong anti oxidant property that keeps skin and hair healthy. Highly recommended for baby massage.

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Hot processed virgin coconut oil or Urukku Velichenna / Ventha Velichenna is made from the pure coconut milk. Urukku Velichenna / Ventha Velichennaa from Vedagiri Herbals is distinct because of its fragrance and taste. It is extracted from coconut milk and then the moisture content is removed from the oil. It is vitamin rich and contains antioxidants. It has been used by Ayurveda to make medicines.

The best oil for your babies

Mothers are always striving to choose the best in everything that they use for their babies. The newborns are in the safest place possible while they are in their mother’s womb. When they come out, they may find a little difficult to cope up with the changes. So, they need utmost care in the initial months. Hot processed virgin coconut oil or Urukku Velichenna / Ventha Velichenna ensures that your baby’s delicate skin is caressed and nourished. It will make your baby’s skin clean and softer.

  • Cures nappy rashes: Nappy rashes will annoy both the babies and their mothers. Apply Urukku Velichenna on the affected area for fast relief.
  • Perfect body lotion: You can moisturise you baby with Urukku Velichenna.
  • Ideal massage oil: Massaging improves blood circulation and also allows babies to sleep peacefully. Urukku Velichenna is the natural massage oil without any chemical contents.
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Reduces heart disease
  • Supports the immune system
  • Nourishing for the brain
  • Ancient medicine
  • Very good for people with dry skin
  • Aids good cardiac health- helps in proper blood circulation
  • Lauric acid -give sweet taste & prevent infection
  • Use Hot processed virgin coconut oil (Urukku Velichenna) for oil massage.
  • Apply it on your baby before bathing him/her.

    NB:Please shake the bottle well before use as coconut oil tends to settle at the bottom naturally.


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