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Chukku Kappi

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Vedagiri Herbals Chukku Kappi is the healthiest form of coffee that gives fast relief from diseases. It is an ideal remedy for indigestion, sore throat, cough and fever. ‘Chukku’ refers to dried ginger which is known for improving digestion. It is added in almost all the Ayurvedic medicines because of its amazing healing properties. Chukku Kappi is the natural medicine that your mother would make in a few minutes whenever you are feeling sick. However, the healing effect of the coffee has declined nowadays as the ingredients that you add may not be pure as they seem.

Chukku Kappi powder provided by Vedagiri Herbals contains the natural ingredients like dried ginger, pepper, coriander seeds and cardamom. Holy basil leaves in the powder adds to its healing effects and pungent aroma. All the ingredients are cultivated in our own farm and processed in traditional ways. Additionally, we provide palm jaggery to ensure that the goodness of the drink is not spoilt by any artificial sweetener. So, there is no need to waste your time for finding organic ingredients to make the coffee. Just add chukku kappi powder into the boiling water and enjoy.

The coffee having a combination of spicy and sweet taste is an easy-to-make natural medicine. You can also drink it after having food items like oily snacks to prevent indigestion. It is also the perfect drink while you have an upset stomach. Make it a part of your diet to have a healthy life.


  • Ideal for indigestion: It is the best home-made remedy for indigestion.
  • A remedy for anemia: As it is made with palm jaggery which is rich in iron, it will prevent anemia. So, give this drink to your children regularly.
  • Gives relief from cold: Drinking chukku kappi will be comforting when you have cold as it cures chest congestion.


  • Add chukku kappi powder into boiling water
  • Add jaggery
  • Stir well and strain
  • Serve warm


  • Don’t add milk in chukku kappi as it may curdle
  • Keep away from the reach of children


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