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Vedagiri Herbals Chandanadi Thailam

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Vedagiri Herbals Chandanadi Thailam is the right choice for those who are looking for a natural coolant in order to get rid of heat. It relieves burning sensation, dizziness and vertigo. Its instant cooling effect has made it one of the most wonderful oils. This Ayurvedic medicated oil will be a gift for those who have increased risks of sunstroke. A cooling sensation naturally indicates a calm and relaxed mind.The oil is either applied on the body with a massage or inhaled through nose. Nasal instillation is the best way to treat nasal bleeding and headache.

According to Ayurveda, Chandanadi Thailampacifies the pitta humour. Applying the oil on your scalp will help you get rid of burning sensation and diseases of hair.This soothing oil is made by blending with the fragrant sandalwood oil. It alleviates skin diseases and hence can be used for itching. The oil can be a boon to women as it corrects the menstrual imbalances that consistently disturb them. It would let you sleep peacefully and provide better mental clarity.

Vedagiri Herbals Chandanadi Thailamis prepared with the herbs that naturally posses cooling effect. The oil that is free of any preservatives can be used on all body types and people of all age levels. Simply massage the oil on your head after a stressful day and chill out. If you are having a bad headache, take some oil in your hands and gently massage it on your head. Afterwards, take a shower and experience the change. This efficienttranquilizer will definitely become your favourite oil in no time.


Chandanadi Oil is calming, soothing and cooling. Following are the advantages of the daily usage of the oil:

  • Helps to get rid of excess heat
  • Relieves vertigo, dizziness
  • Cools the whole body
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Prevents nasal bleeding
  • Reduces tension and insomnia


  • Use it as a massage oil for the whole body
  • Slightly warm the oil and apply on your head 1 hour before bath
  • Rub a drop behind the ear lobes to experience its cooling effect


  • Over dosage may result in diarrhoea


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