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About Us

Authentic products from the original abode of Ayurveda.

Vedagiri Herbals offers premium beauty care, personal care and health care products manufactured based on the oldest system of healthcare in the world – Ayurveda – right at the place of its origins – Kerala. Traditional Ayurveda preparations have stood the test of time in their effectiveness, purity and quality. Products include face creams, body creams, body lotions, face mask, herbal bars, massage oils, fairness oil, pure essential oils, traditional oils, baby care products and natural and organic food products.

Unspoilt, unadulterated, undiluted essence of nature.

Vedagiri Herbals has manufacturing facilities that are well equipped with modern machines, advanced processes and skilled personnel. All stages of the processes – from preparing raw materials to processing to packing – take place under the supervision of expert quality controllers to ensure maintenance of total hygiene and high quality. Manufacturing strictly follows traditional norms so the purity of the products is not lost or diluted in the process.

Protects humans, preserves nature.

Vedagiri Herbals brings you the essence of nature without any man-made additives. Our range of personal care products, sourced from organic raw materials and prepared using sustainable methods, are free from parabens, triclosans, mineral oils, silicones, SLS/SLES, DEA/TEA, artificial fragrances or colours, which are commonly used in the processing of other commercially manufactured cosmetic products.


We prepare premium products in the beauty care, personal care and food product categories, based on traditional, time-tested Ayurveda recipes, using modern machines and techniques, in a sterile environment, to ensure high quality and hygiene.


Our vision is to make available worldwide, authentic, high-quality beauty, wellness and food products, prepared according to the ancient science of Ayurveda, causing least harm to both man and nature.



Numbers Speak For Themselves!

Curated Products
Curated Products
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Certified Products

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We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

  • Oraganic Products
  • 100% natural Products.
  • Genuine products
  • Personal Care Products
  • Massage oils
  • Beauty products
  • Vechur Cow Ghee
  • jack fruit seed powder
  • Organic Banana Powder
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